Wild Wild Woof

The SuperDogs let loose and go country in this fast-paced, fun-filled, honky-tonk show, Wild Wild Woof! You’ll laugh and cheer as the sensational Superdogs jump, dance, and play to the glitz and glamour of contemporary country hits!

Scalable to fit your needs

Indoors / Outdoors

30-Minute performances followed by 15-minute Pat n' Chat

Multiple performances daily

Ideal minimum footprint 50’ x 80’

And how about adding our Horse-and-Dog relay, Hoof N’ Woof!

As seen on TSN

Two formats to choose from, English-style and Western-style

An inexpensive addition to any horse-related programming

You provide the horses, we provide the dogs

More information about booking this show?

Want to add more giddy-up to Wild Wild Woof? Ask us about our horse-and-dog relay event, Hoof N’ Woof!

Fun Western Vibe

30-Minute Shows

Indoors or Outdoors

All Ages

Fun for the whole family

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