The Bow Wow Factor

The Bow Wow Factor is a crowd-pleasing show designed for fairs, exhibitions, and dynamic events of all kinds. From lightning-fast races to heartwarming interactions, each moment showcases the special bond between humans and their furry companions.

Packed with laughter, thrills, and the exciting and athletic talents of our SuperDogs, The Bow Wow Factor promises an unforgettable experience. Prepare to cheer, clap, and perhaps even howl along as we deliver a show that will leave tails wagging and hearts soaring. It’s not just entertainment – it’s a joyful celebration of the magic dogs bring to our lives.

20 + SuperDogs

30-Minute Shows

10-Minute Pat N’ Chat

All Ages

Fun for the whole family

More Productions


AcroBark is a family-friendly show that celebrates the relationship between people and dogs in a whole new way!


The SuperDogs unleash their super in a whole new way as they celebrate the world’s greatest superheroes AND foil a supervillain of their own! 

Superdogs : The Musical

This holiday season, the acclaimed President’s Choice® SuperDogs™ embark on a new challenge: Musical Theatre! Join us for the world premiere of this all-original, interactive experience—part musical, part stunt-dog spectacle, it’s an inspirational reminder that anything is possible with your best friend by your side. 


Experience the magic of the SuperDogs like never before!

The Science of SuperDogs

Explore the science that makes all dogs super!


An all-original watershow starring acrobats and SuperDogs!

Wild Wild Woof

A fast paced fun-filled, honky-tonk SuperDogs show!