Adorable! Extraordinary! They’re the One and Only SuperDogs!

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For the past four decades, the President’s Choice SuperDogs have entertained over 35 million people with some of the most original family-oriented live shows around. They’ve been the subject of television specials (ESPN’s SuperDogs! SuperJocks!), the inspiration for feature films (Daniel and the Superdogs), they’ve appeared on hundreds of television shows, from Canada’s Got Talent to CBC’s The Rick Mercer Report, and they just keep getting better! Fast paced, interactive, heart warming and hilarious, learn more about all our incredible productions below!

SuperDogs Theme Song

The fun and famous SuperDogs theme song actually changes just a little every year to reflect the new theme of our show. Check out all these versions from past productions like Disco Dogs, Hollywoof and Wild Wild Woof!

Did You Know?

  • Every SuperDog is first and foremost a family pet of the trainer/cast member.
  • There are over 40 different breeds of SuperDogs, from Bernese Mountain Dogs to Jack Russell Terriers, Hungarian Vizslas to Australian Shepherds, Dachsunds to Dalmatians, Greyhounds to Chihuahuas, and the list goes on!