• Wizarding Dogs and a Magical Host
  • Interactive Family-Friendly Fun
  • Scalable to fit your needs
  • 30-Minute Performances
  • Multiple performances daily
  • Turnkey: we do it all
  • Easy load in/out

Prepare to be amazed, amused and bedazzled as The President’s Choice SuperDogs unleash their most magical show ever, Abracadabark! With a magician as your guide you’ll experience the magic of the SuperDogs like never before! From invisible dogs to wizarding dogs to just plain incredible dogs, you’ll OOH the magic, you’ll AAH the action and you’ll AWW the most wonderful dogs in the world: The SuperDogs!


The President’s Choice SuperDogs and acrobats from Milord Entertainment combine forces in an interactive theatrical experience your audiences will never forget! Visually exciting and wildly entertaining, AcroBark is a family-friendly show that celebrates the relationship between people and dogs in a whole new way!

  • Family Friendly
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Scalable to fit your needs
  • 30-minute Shows
  • Multiple performances daily
  • Turnkey: we do it all
  • Easy load in/out


  • Can be performed indoors or outdoors.
  • Flexible and affordable to fit your needs.
  • Turnkey: We do it all!
  • Easy Load In/Out: One day each way.
  • Family fun with proven drawing power!

This fast-paced, family-friendly show brings together some of the best elements from previous productions, like HOLLYWOOF, DISCO DOGS, WILD WILD WOOF and more, highlighting the athletic and comedic talents of a wide range of SuperDogs. It’s an ideal attraction for smaller-duration fairs that do not have a permanent building or infrastructure but still want a midway show with all the advantages of a nationally recognized brand.


The SuperDogs work with over 150 of the finest trainers across Canada and can help you cast the right dog for your film or television production. SuperDogs have appeared in everything from CBC’s Heartland to A&E’s Damien, not to mention on dozens of television commercials and in our own feature film, Daniel and the SuperDogs. We work with a wide variety of breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and many of our trainers also train other domestic and wild animals so if you’re casting a role for any animal don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • SuperDogs have appeared in everything from CBC's Heartland to A&E's Damien.
  • We work with dozens of different breeds, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.
  • Not just dogs! We work with other animals too.


  • As seen on TSN!
  • Two formats to choose from, English-style and Western-style.
  • An inexpensive addition to any horse-related programming.
  • Fun for the whole family!

Designed to add family value and fun to rodeos, agricultural fairs and any event with horses, Hoof N’ Woof™ is a proven crowd-pleaser for audiences of all ages. You provide the horses and we provide the SuperDogs for this unique and entertaining programming.



The Science of SuperDogs is a fun and interactive show that gives audiences a chance to see the SuperDogs doing amazing things while learning more about the science that makes ALL dogs super.

  • Perfect for science centres and schools.
  • Ideal for hallmark periods like December, Spring Break and summer holidays.
  • Scalable to fit your space.
  • Each show is 30 minutes plus an additional 15 minute Pat N' Chat
  • As seen at The Ontario Science Centre, The Royal Winter Fair Education Stage and more!


  • No need for a formal soccer field.
  • Can be run indoors or outdoors.
  • We provide the nets, referees and the SuperDogs.
  • Each show is 10 to 20 minutes plus an additional 15 minute Pat N' Chat.
  • Easy Load In/Out: One hour set-up, half hour take-down.

We call it SuperDogs Soccer Stars because that’s what it is. It’s a crazy, fun game of penalty-kick soccer featuring our canine cast members defending the nets against audience members/children. (Yes, our dogs are true SuperDogs and play a rather unusual game of soccer.)


SuperDogs Star Search is a fun “talent search” format that gives dog owners a chance to showcase their dogs’ special skills, and people looooove showing off their dogs. From catching frisbees to skateboarding, skipping to silly pet tricks, our panel of experts weighs in on any and all applicants with light-hearted commentary and useful advice to help dog owners turn their dogs into SuperDogs. Plus everyone gets to see some of our SuperDogs do fun stuff too!

  • A SuperDogs talent search with judges and prizes.
  • Panel of judges can include someone from your event and/or local media personalities.
  • Audience Driver: Ideal for Pet Expos.
  • Marketing Support with SuperDogs website, social media and gift-shop opportunities.
  • Easy Load In/Out: One hour set-up, half hour take-down.


  • A whole new kind of water show!
  • 25-minute performances!
  • Can be presented up to 4 times a day!
  • Fun and entertaining for all ages!
  • Custom pool, turnkey production!

Two industry-leading companies have joined forces to create a brand new experience called WaterBark, an all-original watershow starring human acrobats, divers and SuperDogs!

Performed in water, above water and on stage around a custom pool, WaterBark is a celebration of the interaction between people and dogs as stunt divers, trampoline experts and trapeze artists come together for jaw-dropping agility and hilarious antics.


The SuperDogs are proud to offer eight different productions - each featuring The Most Fun on Four Legs. We can bring our turnkey production to almost any venue and fit within almost any budget.


The SuperDogs are socialized! We're regularly posting about our incredible shows and performers on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram. Follow along by clicking on the icons below.