• Combines dock diving with elements from our land and water shows in one economical attraction.
  • Custom pool and dock.
  • Performed in water, on the dock and on the ground in front of the pool.
  • 30-minute show performed multiple times a day.
  • 10-minute post-show Pat N' Chat or Q&A (if permitted)
  • Large vibrant imagery and visuals to attract and hold attention.
  • One-day load-in.
  • You provide water and power, we provide everything else.
  • FOOTPRINT: 100' x 100' on grass, dirt or smooth surface (we bring carpeting if necessary)
  • See payment options and solutions below

Payment Solutions

We're offering many different solutions to help offset the financial challenges created in 2020.

  • The most competitive pricing.
  • Pay in monthly installments from the time you book to December 2021.
  • Custom quotes for your location.
  • Revenue-sharing and co-production opportunities.
  • Use of our digital reach, which has been expanding throughout 2020 with new, original content on multiple platforms.
  • Contact us to discuss solutions that best serve YOU!