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SuperDogs Soccer Stars

  • No need for a formal soccer field.
  • Can be run indoors or outdoors.
  • We provide the nets, referees and the SuperDogs.
  • Each show is 10 to 20 minutes plus an additional 15 minute Pat N' Chat.
  • Easy Load In/Out: One hour set-up, half hour take-down.
Ideal for: Any event that already has the SuperDogs and wants an added attraction/activation, or an event with kids ages 4 to 13 that wants some stand-alone family entertainment.

We call it SuperDogs Soccer Stars because that’s what it is. It’s a crazy, fun game of penalty-kick soccer featuring our canine cast members defending the nets against audience members/children. (Yes, our dogs are true SuperDogs and play a rather unusual game of soccer.)

SuperDogs Soccer Stars can be run indoors or outdoors. There is no need for a formal soccer field or field markings. We provide the nets, referees and the SuperDogs. You provide the kids aged 4 to 13.

Our Soccer program allows for incredible interaction between young members of the audience and our SuperDogs. This event can be added to an existing SuperDogs show or serve as stand-alone family entertainment.

There are also marketing opportunities available for your event. These include (with SuperDogs approval): title, associate, media and presenting sponsorships, as well as sampling and merchandising. We will work with you to maximize revenue generating opportunities.

"SuperDogs are without a doubt, Top Dog in family entertainment."
-Patrick Roberge, PNE

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