Science of the SuperDogs

  • Perfect for science centres and schools.
  • Ideal for hallmark periods like December, Spring Break and summer holidays.
  • Scalable to fit your space.
  • Each show is 30 minutes plus an additional 15 minute Pat N' Chat
  • As seen at The Ontario Science Centre, The Royal Winter Fair Education Stage and more!
Ideal for: Educational events, cultural events, science centers and schools.

The Science of SuperDogs is a fun and interactive show that gives audiences a chance to see the SuperDogs doing amazing things while learning more about the science that makes ALL dogs super.

Combining entertaining and athletic events selected from our extensive catalogue with original programming that is unique to this show, Science of SuperDogs explores communication between man and dog, training versus behavior, scent detection and so much more, including myths about dogs AND facts about dogs that are even stranger than myth!

Our professional host provides entertaining and educational commentary with the option of having a member of your own scientific team as host or co-host.

These shows are extremely scalable and can be tailored to fit your space. The large-scale version is ideal for a 100’ x 50’ performing surface, accommodating an audience between 200 and 1,000 in bleacher-style seating. But a small-scale program is also available for venues with more limited space and casual seating.

Show length can be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes based upon the events selected, with our 15-minute Pat N’ Chat following each show. Two to three shows can be presented per day with easy load in/out and this program can be managed in a completely turnkey fashion.

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"The SuperDogs are always a sure crowd-pleaser, but having the opportunity to add in science content for our audience made it relevant to our organization. The audience learned more about the SuperDogs and their abilities, rather than just how exciting they can be to watch. And the addition of the Learning Labs offered an intimate opportunity for further education."
-Karen E. Hager, Ontario Science Centre

As Seen On, In and At

The President's Choice SuperDogs have shared the remarkable facts about canines around the world. Here's a few places Science of the SuperDogs has been performed...

  • Two televised SuperDogs SuperJocks! on ESPN
  • Ontario Science Centre

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About The Dogs

The Most Fun on Four Legs are the highest jumping, fastest dogs in the world. Here's a bit more about what makes a family pet a SuperDog...

  • About 40% of the SuperDogs have been adopted from SPCA, Humane Society and local shelters.
  • The SuperDogs include frisbee-freestyle champions, flyball champions, freestyle-dance champions, world-record holders, the highest-jumping dog in the world, and more!

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