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Hoof N’ Woof

  • As seen on TSN!
  • Two formats to choose from, English-style and Western-style.
  • An inexpensive addition to any horse-related programming.
  • Fun for the whole family!
Ideal for: Rodeo and agricultural fairs.

Designed to add family value and fun to rodeos, agricultural fairs and any event with horses, Hoof N’ Woof™ is a proven crowd-pleaser for audiences of all ages. You provide the horses and we provide the SuperDogs for this unique and entertaining programming.

We can offer two different formats for Hoof N’ Woof. The first is a horse-and-dog relay, an English-style event, as featured in prime-time on TSN2 this past December. A course for the horse (of course) is laid out around the perimeter of the ring, and a course for the SuperDogs is built at the center. When the horse has finished his run, a SuperDog explodes off the podium to run his course, and the pair with the best combined time wins. The quiet, respectful attention audiences give each horse as he completes his course is immediately broken by an arena full of screaming kids cheering on their SuperDog to the finish line.

Or we can offer Hoof N’ Woof as a Western style competition, wherein junior riders compete against the SuperDogs in barrel racing, pole bending and jumping.

Both of these events are fun for the whole family, while at the same time being inexpensive additions to any horse-related programming.

"SuperDogs has exceeded our expectations. The public loves them and the shows are standing room only... they continue to be excellent value.”
-Paula Ellis, CNE

As Seen On, In and At

The President's Choice SuperDogs have teamed up with horses for many events, shows and productions (both live and televised). Here are just a few...

  • 15 Televised Productions of Horse and SuperDog Relay on TSN
  • Royal Winter Fair
  • National Horse Shows in Madison Square Gardens and Meadowlands Arena

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About The Dogs

The Most Fun on Four Legs are the highest jumping, fastest dogs in the world. Here's a bit more about what makes a family pet a SuperDog...

  • About 40% of the SuperDogs have been adopted from SPCA, Humane Society and local shelters.
  • The SuperDogs include frisbee-freestyle champions, flyball champions, freestyle-dance champions, world-record holders, the highest-jumping dog in the world, and more!

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