• Family friendly
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Scalable to fit your needs
  • 30-minute shows
  • Multiple performances daily
  • Turnkey: we do it all
  • Easy load in/out
Ideal for: Fairs, Exhibitions and events looking for a highly original show showcasing the talents of SuperDogs and acrobats in a whole new way!

The President’s Choice SuperDogs and acrobats from Milord Entertainment combine forces in an interactive theatrical experience your audiences will never forget! Visually exciting and wildly entertaining, AcroBark is a family-friendly show that celebrates the relationship between people and dogs in a whole new way!

For over 40 years The SuperDogs have been entertaining audiences across Canada and around the world with some of the most original family shows every created. Their unique brand of feel-good fun has been showcased on more than two dozen television specials, in the feature film Daniel and the SuperDogs, and live at iconic fairs, exhibitions and arenas.

Milord Entertainment has been producing innovative acrobatic shows since 1990. Members of the team are multi-disciplined, enthusiastic, highly professsional and have performed around the world!

AcroBark can be presented indoors or outdoors and is scalable to fit your needs.

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