Did You Know?

  • Every SuperDog is first and foremost a family pet of the trainer/cast member.
  • There are over 40 different breeds of SuperDogs, from Bernese Mountain Dogs to Jack Russell Terriers, Hungarian Vizslas to Australian Shepherds, Dachsunds to Dalmatians, Greyhounds to Chihuahuas, and the list goes on!
  • About 40% of the SuperDogs have been adopted from SPCA, Humane Society and local shelters.
  • The SuperDogs include frisbee-freestyle champions, flyball champions, freestyle-dance champions, world-record holders, the highest-jumping dog in the world, and more!
  • The SuperDogs appeared in a feature film called Daniel & The SuperDogs about a boy who wanted his dog to be a SuperDog. It opened in theatres across Canada in 2005 and has since been distributed internationally.
  • The SuperDogs have starred in two television specials for ESPN called SuperDogs! SuperJocks!
  • The SuperDogs have appeared on 15 televised Horse-and-Dog Relay specials for TSN.
  • After every show the audience gets to meet the dogs and their trainers at our Pat N’ Chat™.
  • The SuperDogs have performed at so many state fairs, national exhibitions, special events, corporate functions and appeared on so many television shows that we can’t list them all but the tip of the iceberg is shown below.

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