Celebrating Canada Day in Orangeville

The President’s Choice® SuperDogs will perform at the Town of Orangeville’s Canada Day celebration at the Alder Street Recreation Centre. The show, entitled “HOLLYWOOF”, celebrates all things Hollywood – from movie music to story-telling magic, with colourful costumes, exciting new events, and all the fun that audiences have come to expect from the most popular dogs in the world.

Audiences will watch and cheer as the SuperDogs jump like superheroes, dance like superstars, save the galaxy in the Star Wars Challenge, help a volunteer from the audience do some hilarious detective work, and so much more. The fun will keep going after the show as the audience gets on set to meet the stars of HOLLYWOOF for Pat N' Chat.

HOLLYWOOF is a canine cross between a Broadway hit and a major sporting event. It's the latest in a series of larger-than-life SuperDogs productions that have headlined such international events as The Calgary Stampede, The Canadian National Exhibition, The Pacific National Exhibition, and America's Family Pet Expo. HOLLYWOOF puts the spotlight on fun with a captivating new production that will have audiences of all ages laughing and cheering.

The President’s Choice® SuperDogs will be sure to entertain the Canada Day crowds in red rink at the Alder Street Recreation Centre, with 45-minute shows starting at 12:30, 2 and 3:30 p.m. Seating is limited to arena capacity.




The Bow Wow Factor: Best of The SuperDogs

Spot On Entertainment, producers of the SuperDogs, are thrilled to present their new turn-key show, “The Bow Wow Factor," a scalable production designed for smaller venues, outdoor spaces and shorter-length fairs.

This fast-paced, family-friendly show brings together some of the best elements from previous productions, like HOLLYWOOF, DISCO DOGS, WILD WILD WOOF and more, highlighting the athletic and comedic talents of a wide range of SuperDogs. It's an ideal attraction for smaller-duration fairs that do not have a permanent building or infrastructure but still want a show with all the advantages of a nationally recognized brand.

Spot On Entertainment C.E.O. Phil Shuchat says, "The Bow Wow Factor can be performed indoors or outdoors, we can produce multiple shows a day with our trademark Pat n' Chat after every show, and we bring our own customized tent that serves as our kenneling area, office and storage space. It also serves as our proscenium back-drop with eye-catching graphics. And our state-of-the-art, all-new, custom-designed props require minimal set-up and take-down time. We can also provide a performing surface if required."

The SuperDogs have been entertaining audiences live, on television and in movies for over 40 years and they continue to break new ground with every production. As long-time supporters and sponsors of CAFE, and an all-Canadian company from top to bottom, Spot On Entertainment is proud to introduce this exciting new brand, "The Bow Wow Factor."

For more information, please call 905-683-3647.




Introducing Our New President’s Choice SuperDogs Show, Rock & Roll Over

The President's Choice SuperDogs are back with a brand new show celebrating all the fun, energy and excitement of rock and roll as only the SuperDogs can! Watch and laugh as they put together their own canine band called Five Directions to help them kick off this spectacular production, then cheer them on as they jump, weave and even dance to electrifying hits from past and present!

Plus, see them put their athletic skills to the test in our new race against time called "Rock Around the Clock," play audience interaction games like "You Ain't Nothin' But a Lapdog," and get a magical sneak peek "behind the curtain" to reveal the SuperDogs who are really running this show.

Then keep the party going after the show by joining us on stage for our famous "Pat N' Chat," where you can meet the stars AND get some amazing gifts and coupons from President's Choice Nutrition First dog food—the official fuel of the SuperDogs!

"Rock & Roll Over" is a cross between a Broadway hit and a major sporting event. It's the latest in a series of larger-than-life SuperDogs productions that include "Hollywoof," "Disco Dogs," "Wild Wild Woof," and more! Building on the success of these shows, the SuperDogs put the spotlight on fun with this captivating new production that will have audiences of all ages laughing and cheering.

For the past four decades, the SuperDogs have entertained over 35 million people with some of the most original family-oriented live shows around. They've been the subject of television shows (ESPN's SuperDogs! SuperJocks!), the inspiration for feature films (Daniel and the Superdogs), and they just keep getting better! Fast paced, interactive, heart warming and hilarious, experience the fun of these amazing dogs in their incredible new production, ROCK & ROLL OVER!




Spot On Entertainment is Flying High with the SuperDogs and more!

By David Acer

While the SuperDogs continue to invent fun ways to amaze and amuse audiences, the production company behind them, Spot On Entertainment, is rolling out some exciting new shows for 2016 and beyond! Rock & Roll Over is the theme of our show this year, combining the energy of rock and roll with the excitement of the SuperDogs in a fully-lit, musically charged theatrical production.

But did you know we also have a scaled-down show for smaller venues and outdoor spaces called SuperDogs Bow Wow Factor? This fast-paced, agility-based show highlights the athletic abilities of a wide range of SuperDogs, from big to little, fast to funny, presented in the playful way audiences have come to expect from the SuperDogs complete with our pre- and post-show activations. But the smaller complement of trainers, fewer props and shorter show-length help keep the cost to the buyer down while still netting all the advantages of a nationally recognized brand.

And if you have horses at your event, you might be interested to know that we offer two canine/equine events called Hoof N' Woof. The first, our horse-and-dog relay, is an English-style event, and was featured in prime-time on TSN2 this past December. A course for the horse (of course) is laid out around the perimeter of the ring, and a course for the SuperDogs is built at the center. When the horse has finished his run, a SuperDog explodes off the podium to run his course, and the pair with the best combined time wins. The quiet, respectful attention audiences give each horse as he completes his course is immediately broken by an arena full of screaming kids cheering on their SuperDog to the finish line. The second version of Hoof N' Woof is a Western style competition, wherein junior riders compete against the SuperDogs in barrel racing, pole bending and jumping. Both of these events are fun for the whole family, while at the same time being inexpensive additions to any horse-related programming.

Also in the Fall of 2016 we're rolling out a brand new theatrical production celebrating the holidays called The Muttcracker. This 90-minute show combines the loveable SuperDogs with some of Quebec's well-known circus artists and a mise-en-scene by cirque choreographers to bring out the magic of the season in a whole new way. Moreover, by taking this arena show to strategic markets in the offseason we're elevating our branding at fairs and offering our fair customers an opportunity for revenue as a co-production.

Finally, while all of this is happening, we're deep into planning a birthday bash of epic proportions celebrating Canada's sesquicentennial in 2017! Ohh Canada! is a unique, one-of-a-kind production featuring live performances, multi-media visuals and real-time interactive social media... but no SuperDogs. Audiences will take a trip across Canada and through 150 years of history in this pulse-pounding, purely Canadian entertainment experience that is adaptable, customizable and scalable for different venues, show lengths and budgets. They'll witness Canada’s evolution through variety entertainment with a celebrity host as we travel across the country showcasing the very best talent from each region. From the foot-stomping Celtic dancing of Cape Breton, to the legendary circus acts of Quebec, to the groundbreaking magic in Manitoba, to the spectacular Western acts of the prairies, to the extreme sport daredevils of B.C., and more! Adding scripted cameos on projection screens featuring Canadian actors, athletes and celebrities makes this show an unprecedented celebration of Canada’s past, present and future.

We're extremely excited about these shows and more! Looking forward to generating happy customers with all of you in the coming months.

David Acer is an author, television host and a creative director for Spot On Entertainment.




The Royal’s K9-Equine relays will be aired again on TSN

Don’t cry because it’s over – smile because it happened. And smile even MORE because it’s being shown all over again!

Our friends at TSN are rebroadcasting the popular K9-Equine relays from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto across their family of channels in the coming days, so everyone can enjoy the excitement.

The schedule is as follows:

December 10, 11 am EST on TSN4

December 14, 2 pm EST on TSN1

December 15, 1 pm EST on TSN2

December 18, 2 am EST on TSN2

Make sure you set your DVRs and give us a shout out on your preferred social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few) with your favourite racer!